Joy DiMenna:
Why Do I See Color When My Eyes Are Closed?


During an acupuncture treatment, I witnessed the presence of the Colors.  Even with my eyes closed I could feel the Colors working on me. I relaxed so that I could receive the full benefits from this acupuncture-plus treatment.  I LOVE when I have the awareness of this happening! Lavenders, magentas, blues and yellows danced before my closed eyes and then a beautiful face emerged in shades of blue. I could see the face of a man just before he faded.

Continuing to observe, I welcomed the assistance from the Colors, enjoying every moment.  I thanked them for their loving support.

The Divine Realm of Color is present with us always, transmitting glorious intelligent information and guidance, with loving Grace to us all.  Like oxygen nourishes our bodies, the Colors nourish our Souls and our life journey.  

Have you ever noticed Colors fading in and out of your view when your eyes are closed and you’re just about to drift off to sleep ... or maybe upon awakening? In that space between being fully awake and asleep, our minds are quiet, our brain waves have slowed down, and our ability to see the Colors surfacing from within us increases.  Color is showing us our origins -- the light of creation.

The experience of seeing Colors' Divine Realm with our eyes closed happens to all of us.  Just think of the Colors as you close your eyes. Welcome them.  Relax and then observe.  Watch the Colors and notice the images or sounds surface. Perhaps keep a Color Journal close by and write down what you see, what you hear. 

P.S. Please write me to share your experiences. Use the Ask a Messenger feature on this page.  I’d love to hear from you.


"Blasts of Colors glow inside
Focus on our help ... the Colors wide
The Colors have wisdom
We offer our strength
To secure you in joy on this earthly descent
Quiet now as Color enters and heals the very breath
that awakens you to life."  ~In Loving Color

© 2013 Joy DiMenna and Gather Insight.

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Joshua on Friday June 22, 2012
I appreciate reading this interpretation of closed eye colors. Ive always been aware of them, but very recently while receiving body & energy work, they have become increasingly noticeable. Lots of Purple, and more recently, Blues and greens.. with some orange and red. Ive also become aware of a darker smokey grey converging in the center of my scope, and dissipating outwards.
Ronel on Monday August 6, 2012
I have been seeing these colours for a very long time too and use them to meditate myself to sleep. It is a wonderful experience. Try it.
Taylor on Saturday September 29, 2012
Is it bad that I don't just see colors when I'm about to fall asleep? I have seen this as long as I can remember, but it happened every time I tried to see them. I just closed my eyes and waited for a few seconds until they were there, ever since I was really little, wich is saying a lot since I'm 12.
Joy DiMenna on Friday October 5, 2012
Hello Taylor. Regarding your question --- The Colors want you to know they are with you, even when you don't see them. They also want you to know how delighted they are that you took notice of them.
Personally, I've had the same thing happen to me. Sometimes I see them clearly and other times ... nothing visual at all.
I'm certain they will be back in your vision soon - sending you Rainbows of Love.
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