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Manifest a Miracle!

Manifest a Miracle! Advanced Metaphysical Teaching On Conscious Creation

Greetings, Beloved Friends! I would like to share with you an extraordinary advanced metaphysical teaching on Conscious Creation. I invite you to use this Sacred Esoteric Knowledge to Manifest a Miracle for yourself or others.

Here's the Secret:
The Universe answers all prayers without exception. What we manifest through prayer depends upon what we pray for. We pray by focusing our energy and attention. Anytime we focus our energy and attention, we are praying. In fact, each of us pray without ceasing; our every thought, word and deed is a prayer. Therefore, Moment to Moment, it is important to focus on those things which enhance our lives and those of others, moving us in the direction of our desired outcome.

Everything you wish to manifest contains within it two possible subject matters:
1) the presence of what you wish to create; and
2) the absence of what you wish to create.

Whichever of the two above possibilities you choose to focus upon (pray for) determines the results you create; therefore, to Manifest a Miracle, focus on the presence of that which you desire as if you already have it Now!

You can focus on the presence of that which you desire by:
Visualizing what you desire and seeing yourself in the picture.
Feeling the joy you will feel when you have your desired result as if it has already happened.
Hearing the sounds you will hear when your desired result has occurred, e.g., friends congratulating you, the sound of close family members cheering you on, etc.
Tasting the delicious taste of life you will taste when the outcome has been accomplished.
Smelling the smells you will smell in the air when the Universe manifests your desire.
Knowing and trusting that your desired outcome is already created and is yours NOW!
Taking Inspired Action as if you already have your desired result.

You know that you are focusing on the absence of that which you desire when:
You experience attachment to the results of your manifestation.
When you engage feelings of lack.
When you complain to others about what you don't have.

So what happens when you find yourself in a state in which you notice you are focusing your attention on the absence of what you truly desire? Use the following affirmations to shift your vibration to a higher state:

My each waking Moment becomes brighter and brighter!
Moment to Moment, I experience more and more of my Inner Light.
With each passing day, my self esteem grows by leaps and bounds!
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had (desired outcome)!
Every day, in every way, I have more and more . . . . (cash, success, harmony, love, etc.)
In each and every Moment, my consciousness of _____________ (prosperity, love, success) increases.

I invite you to share your experiences and learnings with us this week as you Manifest a Miracle by sharing your comments on this page. Together we will grow in Love, Consciousness and Co-Creativity!

© 2013 Munishwarji Walking Tall
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