Meet the Gather Insight Publisher Ja-lene Clark

Ja-lene Clark and Jo Ann Deck are the creative visionaries who formed Gather Insight. Both women are former executives with decades-long experience in traditional publishing and offer their wisdom and advice to you online.


Review books co-written by Ja-lene

Shazam: The Formula    Your Creative Soul

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Meet Kristy Sweetland

Kristy Sweetland holds a B.A. in psychology, a Master's degree in transpersonal psychology and is credentialed through the International Coach Federation. Her intuitive insights are shared through writing, shamanic healing sessions and private transformational coaching. (more)

"This philosophy turns conventional ideas on their heads by truly embodying a spiritual wisdom that offers a paradigm where we not only go after what we want and who we are, but realize that it is going after us.”—David Bedrick, J.D., Dipl. PW


Ascension Diaries co-author Sydney McClure

Sydney McClure is a multi-faceted educator and communicator with a B.A. in teaching English, German and Spanish and an M. Ed. in professional counseling. She is also a hypnotherapist with training in esoteric astrology, Light Language, sound current healing, and A Course in Miracles. (more)

Ascension Diaries is a fascinating journey into the world of Divine Reality.”

JOHN RANDOLPH PRICE—Bestselling author and Chairman of the Quartus Foundation


"Through the experiences of the authors, Ascension Diaries gives the reader a ‘how to’ narrative that will help you live your life with the Guidance of Spirit.”

GARY R. RENARD—Author of The Disappearance of the Universe Trilogy 

René Fugitt, co-author of Ascension Diaries 

Intuitive master, René Fugitt, has expressed her love of community as a professional educator, mentor and teacher. Now, she anchors Holy Grail Consciousness ‘Ahkala’ and communicates wisdom through light frequencies. Her photographs capture the intangible magic of the divine. (more)


Meet Samyama

Samyama is a Grandmaster in the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage with over 52 years of study in Eastern guided imagery, creative visualization and spiritual astrology, and 25 years experience in mystical philosophy.

Her book Invoking the Transcendent Voice of the Divine Witness is an ancient methodology (referred to as the the Karttikeyan Yogic Method) that uses the spiritually Empowering Language of the Divine Witness to put the listener or reader into a deep hypnologic state—the natural state experienced momentarily just before going to sleep when the passive and active minds change roles of dominance. (read more)

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The philosophy of S.T.A.R. is supporting star seeds around the planet in creating and living in the new earth. 

S.T.A.R. is a magic wand for the sovereign being!

Here is where you can access your magic wand:


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Explore the Hidden Dynamics of Creativity

Creativity is an inherent part of being human and accessing our soul creativity puts us into a powerful, fun relationship with everything! Instead of being slaves to our issues, addictions and afflictions, after reading this book, we emerge empowered with advanced understanding.  We find that we can consciously adapt and thus our relationships with our self, the world and others transform in new, healthy and productive ways.

C Diane Ealy and her co-author Ja-lene Clark offer readers a fresh, clear, panoramic soul-level view on the evolutionary changes we are living through and how to work/play with this new way of being.

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Welcome to the Era of Empowerment

John Jones is a brilliant teacher of discernment. In his new book Enter the Era of Empowerment: Self-Sovereignty in a Complex World he describes ways by which we can most effectively develop our personal power and apply our self-sovereignty to transform the world.

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Meet Starr Fuentes

After decades of study with shamans, healers, Curanderos and Masters, Starr Fuentes has dedicated her life to helping others with the full unfolding of their purposes, paths and destinies.

In Starr's book Light Language, you learn to read, write and emanate light and communicate on all four planes (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Click here to learn more about Light Language.

Activations for Light Workers are available! (learn more)
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Meet Munishwarji

Munishwarji Walking Tall is a Master Teacher, Master Healer and a Master of Life-Force Energy in the in the Taoist-Yogi Christ Tradition, with over 18 years of experience in the field of meditation, holistic health and healing.

His book, The Secret Garden, is truly an Illumined work of Sacred Wisdom in book form. The pages of The Secret Garden have been encoded with the sacred teachings from the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of Mahavatar Babaji. The lucid expression in written teachings and instructions are adorned with exquisite transformative art, created for and inspired by this work.

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Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D.

She is one of the very first people to receive a Master's Degree in the field of angelology. She is the beloved author of the international bestseller Angel Blessing Cards. She has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide open to God's love, heal and move forward on their life path.

Bring the People Back to My Love: A Rosary for Children of Light modifies a classic practice into a beautiful sequence of modern prayers.

The guidebook to interacting with angels, My Angel Connection is available!

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Meet Alison L. James

Born in England, Alison L. James resides in New York City where she pursues her spiritual path as a Healing Facilitator, Metaphysical Teacher, Channel and Ascension Energy Anchor.

Her book Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness clearly defines the evolutionary shifts occurring now for humanity and what Camelot has to do with these shifts. Against a backdrop of myth, fantasy and fiction, you are introduced afresh to Merlin, the truth of his presence, his spiritual identity and the purpose of his coming forward now. There is more to be learned. (read more or download samples)

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In Shazam! The Formula, authors Scout Cloud Lee and Ja-lene Clark share the ten timeless elements (or life values/ ideals) that can stand alone as exceptional principles to apply in life, but when practiced in sequence, magical (or Shazam!) outcomes are created. 

Shazam! is a creative dance with God.

ABCDE +L1+L2+W2 (+/- XY) x=O!

(read more about SHAZAM! or receive a free reading sample)

Meet Scout Cloud Lee     Meet Ja-lene Clark

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Ja-lene Clark

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